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Regina Coeli April 15th 2018 - Pope Francis calls for respect for human dignity for disabled and gravely ill persons - A special mention for Vincent Lambert and Alfie Evans

angelus Papa Francesco altoFrom the original Italian text, by Laura Tiberi

"Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!

The experience of the Risen Lord is at the centre of this third Sunday of Easter...

Jesus underlines the reality of his Resurrection and this sheds a light on the Christian idea of our body: our body is not an obstacle or a prison to our soul. God created the body and a person cannot be complete without union between body and soul. Jesus, who defeated death and rose in body and soul, makes us understand that we need to have a positive idea of our body...

Therefore, we are asked to have great respect and care of our body as well as that of others...

Each insult or injury or violence against the body of our neighbour is an offence against God the Creator. In particular, my thoughts are with all the children, women and elderly whose body is mistreated. Within the flesh of these people we find the body of Christ. Christ as he was injured, ridiculed, slandered, humiliated, flagellated, crucified...  Jesus showed us how to love...

I ask you to pray for Vincent Lambert in France, little Alfie Evans in the United Kingdom, and other people in other countries who live through illness and rely on medical treatment to provide their basic needs, sometimes for a very long time. These situations are delicate, very painful and complex. We pray for every sick person to be always respected in their dignity and to receive the right treatment for their condition, in agreement with the family, the doctors and all the health professionals and with great respect for life."

here in italian the entire Regina Coeli
Regina Coeli 15 aprile 2018

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